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Aesthetic dentistry

Who doesn't want a  Have a healthy and radiant smile to feel better and look more attractive?


That's why one focus of our dental practice is aesthetic dentistry. We offer the following treatments:


  • prophylaxis- professional tooth cleaning

  • high-quality plastic fillings

  • Bleaching - Teeth whitening

  • Veneers - wafer-thin ceramic veneers



TMJ therapy, Jaw surgery

and implantology

AtJaw joint pain such as cracking, tension in the chewing muscles or grinding marks on the teeth caused by grinding, treatment may be necessary. In addition to splint therapy, we rely on interdisciplinary treatment with specialized physiotherapists.


In the surgical field, we remove teeth and white teeth and treat inflammation of the teeth. For major surgical procedures, we refer you to highly qualified maxillofacial and oral surgeons.

Implants In our practice we use the latest methods in pasties quickly and cost-effectively.



Conservative dentistry

As part of conservative dentistry, we offer minimally invasive filling therapy with high-quality fillings in our practicePlastics, ceramic fillings and root canal treatments with the most modern mechanical processing. 

In minimally invasive FFilling therapy protects the tooth structure optimally.




As part of restorative dentistry, we offer the following range:


  • Fixed crowns and bridges

  • Implant prosthetics

  • Combined dentures

  • Metal-free dentures

  • Partial crowns and inlays

  • Partial prosthetics

  • Total prosthetics

  • Ceramic restorations




Periodontology refers to the treatment of diseases of the periodontium. That's why we attach great importance to checking the periodontium.


We work with the most modern tools and have the ability to detect bacterial pathogens using testing procedures, so that we can...Inflammation of the gums (Periodontitis) can be treated specifically with medication.


Laser treatment can kill up to 99 percent of bacteria.



Pediatric dentistry

The prerequisites for the preservation of teeth into old age. It is therefore important to introduce children to careful oral hygiene at an early age and to get them used to regular check-ups.


In our dental practice we look after children from the moment their first tooth emerges. For many years we have been supportingalso the Kunterbunt children's home in Forstinning through regular oral hygiene education and nutritional advice.




Daily dental care forms the basis for healthy teeth and gums. Your teeth should be cleaned thoroughly with a toothbrush and dental floss at least morning and evening. It would be better to brush your teeth after every meal.


In order to optimally prevent diseases of the teeth (caries) and gums (periodontitis), it is recommended to have a professional treatment at least twice a yearTeeth cleaning to be carried out. This is carried out in our practice by specially trained specialists.



White Spots

White spots are early-stage caries in which only the enamel areas on the tooth surface are affected. The beginning of decalcification appears as white spots on the teeth. Treatment with the ICON system stops the descaling process in just 1 hour. one session without any drilling.



Laser treatment

Since 2012, the modern laser from Sirona has been used in our practice in the following areas:


  • Periodontology

  • Root canal treatment

  • Lip and tongue frenulum plasty

  • Herpes and canker sores


This enables a painless, gentle treatment that accelerates healing.



Zeiss dental microscope

With the Zeiss dental microscope, the fine details and structures of the teeth become visible, enabling even more precise and effective treatment.


​The microscope is used in particular for demanding treatments such as

  • Root fillings (endodontics)

  • Periodontology

  • Restorative dentistry

  • Implantology



Digital X-ray

In our dental practice we only usedigital x-ray systems both for taking photos of individual teeth directly at the treatment chair and for panoramic photos (OPG) of the entire set of teeth.


The X-ray images can be viewed, evaluated and edited directly on the screen. 


The high resolution of the recordings ensures a safer and more accurate diagnosis. A direct benefit for patients is the up to 90 percent lower radiation exposure compared to conventional procedures.



Practical laboratory

In our laboratory we can do a lot of things on the spot without our patients having to wait for days.


This is how we manufacture, among other things:


  • Temporary devices

  • Bleaching trays

  • Anti-crunch splints 


on, repair and clean dentures and pour out dental impressions. 

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